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Jesse Jackson Elementary school page 3

Miniuasha : *stares at Michael* you look like someone I know

Michael : I do ? Cool *shy voice*

Miniuasha : you don’t talk very but ok we a stay quite

Michael : *smiles* *looks down*

Cherokee : ok kids we here have a bless day

Miniuasha : ok we will I love you

Cherokee : love you more baby girl.

Michael : thanks ms it was nice of you to bring me to school I appreciate it.

Cherokee : anytime kid *drive off*

Miniuasha : come on let’s go to class *grabs Michael hand*

Michael : Miniuasha : both *runs to class*

Jerry : hey freaks it’s the new kids they a just let anybody into this school.

Miniuasha : go away !

Michael : it’s not nice to pick on people it’s mean.

Jerry : this school for smart kids only not dummies. And your names would be?

Michael : I’m Michael Jackson I’m not a dummy I’m 10yrs old and the 5th grade and 7 more months I’ll be going to the 8th grade.

Miniuasha : *runs off*

Michael : come back !

Miniuasha : *stops* *crying*

Michael : what’s wrong why are you crying?

Miniuasha : it’s nothing *walks away*

Michael : *walks off*

Jerry : *follows Miniuasha* hey kid I didn’t get your name

Miniuasha : I’m Miniuasha I’m 7yrs old in the 4 grade

Jerry : *pushes her* you think you all that ? Don’t think you smarter then us just because you in a higher grade level.

Miniuasha : leave me alone go away ! *Screaming*

Michael : hey did she said leave her alone now get away from her! *Grabs Miniuasha hands*

Miniuasha : *hugs Michael* you alive I miss you

Michael : *stares* *speechless*

Miniuasha : you my brother Michael remember I’m Miniuasha your little sister. I prayed that God a keep you alive when we were separated in the hurricane.

Michael : *screams* OMG OMG *hugs Miniuasha* I miss you this feels like a dream

Jesse Jackson Elementary school page 2

Michael : mom I’m ready I’m all dress for school it’s my first day back to school. Are you up mom?

Mongo : sorry but I can’t take you to school today you gonna have to walk.

Michael : you never wanna take me anywhere I miss my real mother.

Mongo : I’m tired of you talking like that to me just be glad I found you. Your family is dead !

Michael : *runs out* *crying* who needs her I’m happy and appreciated that she found me but she doesn’t even care about me. I miss sis. *Sad face*

Buster : hey kid aren’t you a little too young to be walking to school by yourself.

Michael : *keep walking*

Buster : hey kid I know you hear me ! * Runs in front of Michael*

Michael : I don’t wanna any trouble please leave a lone

*Car pulls up* Miniuasha : hey kid come on get in the car my mom a take you to school. What school you going to?

Michael : Jesse Jackson Elementary school are you going to that school.

Miniuasha : yeah come on

Michael : *jumps in the car*

Jesse Jackson Elementary School chapter 1 
Cherokee : Miniuasha wake up you gonna be late for your first day of school
Miniuasha : mom I don’t wanna go to school all the kids there call me nerd and a freak. Can I just stay home today ?
Cherokee : no you a smart kid they just jealous of you and jealousy is a bad thing
Miniuasha : mom do you think oh never mind I’ll be down in a minute
Cherokee : ok baby don’t take too long
Miniuasha : ugh I hate school maybe I’ll meet someone who just like me and my school has a cool name Jesse Jackson elementary school
Cherokee : *opens bedroom door*

Miniuasha : *hugs mom* I’m ready maybe this new school a be better. And beside maybe I’ll learn something new something I already don’t know

Cherokee : *laughs* that’s my girl come on let’s go
Miniuasha : oh mom wait I forget something *runs back in the house* ok I got it my picture of my brother and I I miss him.
Cherokee : I know baby he always be in your heart
Miniuasha : I know mom…….. *Gets in car*

Hi my name is Michael Jackson I’m 10yrs old in the 5 grade my teacher said I’ll be skipped to the 8 grade in 7 more months I was also shipwreck in hurricane Conrad Murray I would never forget that day I was about 7yrs old my sister and I were separated and I pray to God that she still alive I miss and love you your big brother Michael Jackson

Hi my name is Miniuasha I’m 7yr old and the 4 grade I lost my brother Michael in a shipwreck when I was about 4yrs old I will never forget that day of hurricane Conrad Murray I only pray to God that my brother Michael is still alive and safe I miss and love you your baby sister Miniuasha Jackson

I’m writing a new story call first day of school it’s about 4 grade kid name Miniuasha Jackson she 7yrs old who meet her long long lost brother Michael Jackson after shipwreck had happen from a hurricane they were separated and one was Miniuasha was wash to shore while Michael was rescue by some Chinese people. Miniuasha was found by some India people.

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